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Mystery Testing

Mystery testing is a market research tool, which is used to show a company the unfiltered opinion of the customer, i.e. the customer’s specific experience of the company. We first introduced the mystery shopping process to Switzerland in 1994 and have refined it continuously over many years. Our experienced mystery testers are available to you at any time in all regions of Switzerland.

Our mystery testing includes the following forms of testing:

  • Mystery Shopping

    Shopping tests with non-specialist customers in a shop or at a counter, or shopping or advisory tests with trained customers and personal feedback, e.g. consultation meetings at a bank or insurance firm.

  • Mystery Checks

    Mystery checks test the infrastructure at POS according to internal guidelines, e.g. product presentation specifications, promotional displays, advertising based on an advertising plan, cleanliness, lighting, etc.

  • Mystery Calling

    Test calls, e.g. to test switchboards or customer support services.

  • Mystery Guesting

    Tests of services, e.g. in hotels, restaurants, public transport companies, airlines.

Why with us:

  • We are pioneers: We introduced the concept of mystery shopping to Switzerland in 1994.

  • We work on the front lines of market research.

  • We carry out around 8,000 mystery tests every year.

  • We work with over 200 Mystery Shoppers, all of whom we know personally.

  • We work throughout Switzerland in all three national languages.

  • You can view the first results online, even while the survey is still running. It only takes a few clicks to access the information.

  • You can of course download all the results and analytics charts in the application or as an Excel file.

  • We produce the analyses and reports with the help of our IT experts in-house – all personalised to your individual needs.

More information?

Contact us. We will be happy to explain the almost unlimited possibilities of our technology!