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Eye Tracking

With Eye Tracking you can identify the movements and even the intensity of the eye’s focus on particular points. The test subject observes something such as a print medium (prospectus, advertisement). Eye Tracking is used to record detailed eye movements. The benefits of eye tracking can be seen mainly in classic usability tests. The following criteria can be measured:

  • Which objects are considered

  • How long/how intensively objects are considered

  • The order in which objects are considered

We offer the following forms of eye tracking:

  • Desktop Eye Tracking

    On-screen observation of print media or websites. The infrared bar used to record the eye, is mounted at the bottom of the monitor.

  • Head Mounted Eye Tracking

    Observation with Eye Tracking glasses. Examples of possible areas of application include sales areas, public spaces for recording travel routes, the observance of signs, promotions, etc.

  • Mobile Device Eye Tracking

    Observation on smartphones in e-commerce sites, others websites and social media.

  • Webcam Eye Tracking

    Observation from home via a monitor. The eye is recorded directly via the webcam.

Why with us:

  • We offer a turnkey solution for the organisation of your projects: from recruiting test subjects and renting spaces, to conducting fieldwork and analysing results.

  • We work with an external, international partner with many years of experience in eye tracking, who helps us to provide technical support and analyse results.

  • We help you determine which eye tracking method is the right one for your project.

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