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Exhibition Market Research

It’s not just the number of visitors and exhibitors that tells you whether a trade show was successful. Much more important is customer satisfaction, the subjective experience, the new contacts made, personal achievements, and repeat participation. Exhibition surveys show the opinions of customers, i.e. visitors and exhibitors, and constitute the best basis for new strategies or the design of the next event.

You learn about the opinions of visitors and exhibitors and the satisfaction of your customers and can improve these continuously. You receive information about the structures of your visitors, their interests and their demands. Measurements of the success of new concepts enable you to judge the strengths and weaknesses of your product.

We offer a wide range of survey types - you can choose:

  • Face-to-face surveys

  • Online surveys

  • Written surveys

  • Telephone surveys

  • Moderatorled group discussions

Why with us:

  • We are there for you as questionnaire providers, from the organisation of surveys to data analysis and evaluation.

  • Thanks to our self-developed web applications, we can conduct surveys all over Switzerland in all three national languages.

  • You can view the first results online, even while the survey is still running. It only takes a few clicks to access the information.

  • You can of course download all the results and analytics charts in the application or as an Excel file.

  • We produce the analyses and reports with the help of our IT experts in-house – all personalised to your individual needs.

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